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Resource Management Solutions utilizes a proven process in identifying the top talent for your business needs. We look to work hand and hand with our customers in order to identify the best talent.

diamondRMS utilizes a 4 points diamond process to ensure the best match every time.

  • Engage the Customer
    First and foremost RMS engages the customer in the recruitment process by conducting a detailed overview and company cultural analysis so that we may best serve your individual needs. After we have conducted a full job analysis including salary, educational requirements, preferred experience, and the location or travel needs of the position we begin our talent verification process.
  • Initiate Talent Search
    On top of posting a tailored job description on the most relevant job boards for your unique requirements, we actively engage with candidates using our expansive network. Additionally, RMS is a very active member of the technical community and attends regular networking events in order to reach both active and passive candidates.
  • Screening Process
    RMS has developed a detailed prescreening process that includes not only a behavioral interview but also reference checks, certification verification, and salary overview and verification.
  • Onboarding and Evaluation
    Once the candidate has been chosen by your company, RMS can handle all of the hiring paperwork for you. This includes a written job offer and salary negotiations.

RMS also provides ongoing placement monitoring with both the employee and the customer ensuring the satisfaction for both.

RMS also offers a full benefit package for eligible employees.

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